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You picked your date, you’ve chosen your dress and now what? You're organized, you bought a wedding planner book, you are feeling confident... well, almost. Under the surface you are just a bit stressed, but admitting it would feel like failing because you are smart, confident and like to plan. You just aren’t sure you want to plan every detail of your wedding. Sure you want to be involved and have your voice heard, but you just don’t want to research all the things. 

Or maybe you’ve researched all the things and now feel like running off to elope but deep down you really want to have an intimate dinner party with a live band and really good drinks. Plus, you're not loving your venue options - perhaps your grandparents could host the wedding in their backyard overlooking the lake?

No matter where you're at in the planning process we know you ultimately want the wedding day to run smoothly, your guests to enjoy themselves and you definitely do not want your family to do anything. If this sounds like you please know it’s okay. It’s okay to reach a point and feel overwhelmed, it's okay to want to be involved and it's okay to want someone else to do it all because chances are you haven’t planned a wedding before. 

My approach is to planning is different. I start with your vision and work backwards to achieve the end goal. Depending on your priorities we map out a plan in order to achieve the end goal and execute it. Along the way you’ll receive solid advice and streamlined communication tools with access to our an online planning platform. Most important time back to enjoy your engagement and lots of encouragement for your journey!

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Have you ever walked into a space and it took your breath away? From the lush bouquets to the elegant arbor, from the letter pressed place cards to the personalized bar sign, each detail is important and by adding unique touches that represent you as a couple, you'll have a beautiful and personably designed event that will leave you saying, "It truly represented us!" 

My approach to design starts with you. I listen to your ideas, questions and concerns. I learn about you and your style. What draws you to a specific flower (that peony bouquet you loved), what you enjoy about your favorite restaurant (those delicious chocolate tarts and the service) and what you love to decorate with (old meets new). I take your vision and create a design concept that includes everything from the flowers to the linens ensuring that on the wedding day all the details truly represent you both as a couple!

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