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Romantic Woodland Bouquet Ingredients

Mar 9, 2018

Presenting the “Romantic Woodland” Bouquet!

I was thrilled when Gene Yoon Photography reached out because two of his clients were doing a couple’s photoshoot at Snoqualmie Falls (see it here). Today I am sharing the ingredients for the bouquet!  She looks a little wet here because it rained, hailed and snowed during the photoshoot, but I still think she looks quite glamorous, especially with the black velvet ribbon (similar here). I sourced the flowers from Mayesh in Los Angeles and I love that I was able to get some beautiful butterfly ranunculus a little earlier than when they are available her in the PNW. While I really do love to source locally first, sometimes I do have to get flowers from elsewhere.

For this bouquet the mechanics I employed was the “Holly Chappel egg.” I wish I could explain it better (a live tutorial will come as soon as I upgrade my camera) but you will want to start with about 5-6 inch square of green coated chickenwire and mold the wire to create an egg shape.You may have to play around with the initial square size and when I do the tutorial I will measure one out for you all. I have to admit that I had been wanting to try making the egg since first reading about it on the Botanical Brouhaha Blog and because the couple for this photoshoot was going to be hiking into Snoqualmie Falls, I didn’t want any stems to come loose or move. So I tried it and it works friends. You may have to hide the chickenwire a bit and keep in mind it does not need to be a big egg, about 3-4 inches is all for the size of bouquet I created. For this photoshoot, it was my secret weapon and one that honestly I will use a lot more for some bigger bouquets this year #lesstress. Thank you Holly Chappel – read her story on the egg – which is so so encouraging btw and see a picture of one here (she also has a line with Syndicate Sales that just launched – sorry for all this info – I owe a lot to her and feel right giving her the credit)! Recipe below!

Romantic Woodland Bouquet Recipe

Main Flowers:

Rust Toned Butterfly Ranunculus

Blush Clooney Ranunculus

White Ranunculus (may have been a mixed bunch)

White Sweetpeas

Peach Sweetpeas (definitely were more blush toned)

White Cheerfulness Daffodiles

Burgundy Scabiosa


White/Snowbound Pieris Japonica from my yard

Ferns from the forest

Comments, questions? Let me know! I’d love to try and help! Happy Thursday everyone! xx Carmen


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